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Best liquid soaps for hand-wash in the market with their prices:A Review

With the availability of wide range of liquid hand wash soaps in the market, we are rendered with more confusion than a solution to select the best hand wash for our use. Here is a list of ‘Top 5 hand washes’ in the Indian market which are perfect to be used at home, in clinics, schools and at any other place of utility.

Liquid Hand-washes contains skin friendly soaps in solution form that are easy to use and very effective in killing germs and bacteria from our hands. These hand washes are especially formulated for frequent use on hands for gently cleaning them for hygienic reasons. It is recommended to use these hand washes each time you come back from outdoors like from office, playground, market etc and essentially after using toilet. To make these hand-washing products more appealing, fragrances and scents are added to them. Thus, we would have 99% germs free hands that smell wonderful.
The liquid soaps and hand washes available in the market are economical and reasonable for everyone’s pocket. Recently, due to their popularity, many cosmetic and ‘Fast-Moving Consumer Goods’ company have step in the field of production of hand washes under their brand name. Among them ‘Top 5 Hand-Washing’ brands in the market are as follows:

  • Dettol.

  • Lifebuoy.

  • Savlon.

  • Pears.

  • Palmolive.

  • Lifebuoy Liquid Hand Wash:

    Lifebuoy is a brand product of Hindustan Unilever Limited. It is No. 1 brand in the world for body care and cleaning products field. No doubt Lifebuoy liquid hand-wash is one of the best liquid soaps that is recommended by dermatologists.  This product is clinically tested and is proven to be effective in killing 99.9% germs and disease causing bacteria present on our hands. This company has a huge range of hand washing liquid soaps available for its consumers.

    Lifebuoy Activfresh Liquid Hand Wash Pump:

    Lifebuoy Activfresh Liquid Hand Wash.

    Lifebuoy Activfresh Liquid Hand Wash Pump is empowered with the strength of natural ingredients along with scientific approach. The main natural ingredients in this hand-wash include ‘neem’ and lemongrass extracts. The cleaning portion includes glycerin which gently cleans your hands. It’s specially formulated pH balance formula keeps this hand-wash soft on skin and can be used on all skin types of both the sexes. Lifebuoy Activfresh is enriched with moisturizing active ingredients to avoid over dryness of your hands. The specially designed plastic pump bottle makes it easier to use hygienically.

    Cost : Rs. 54 for 200 ml.

    Lifebuoy Hand-Wash Nature:

    Lifebuoy Hand Wash Nature Refill Can.

    For sensitive skin types, Lifebuoy hand-wash Nature is a good choice. It gently cleans your hands by killing almost all the disease causing germs and bacteria from your hands. The natural ingredients in this product make it more appealing for those who do not want to use purely chemical-based product due to skin allergy reasons. It does not completely dry your skin and is very gentle on all skin types. Its natural fragrance is ever lasting and refreshing.

    Cost : Rs. 145 for 900 ml (for super saver pack).

    Lifebuoy Hand-wash ‘Care’:

    Lifebuoy Handwash Care refill Pack.

    Lifebuoy Care hand wash is usually available in small refill pouches and are very effective against bacteria and germs that are responsible for a number of infection and ailments in our body. The perfect pH balance formula of this hand-wash makes it very gently on your skin while glycerin in the hand wash effectively cleanses your hands. It is one of the most popular hand washes among consumers.

    Cost : Rs. 34 for 185 ml pack.

    Dettol Liquid Hand Wash Soap:

    Dettol is a big and most trusted name in hygienic body care products. Dettol liquid hand wash is a product of Reckitt Benckiser, which is a very trusted company. This hand-wash claims to kill 99.9% bacteria and other germs from your hands making them clean and germ-free. The fragrance in this liquid soap is typical of Dettol brand and keeps on stimulating your senses even hours after the wash. I personally like its mild refreshing scent. It is the best hand-washing liquid soap to be effectively used in clinics, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and even at home to keep everyone healthy and allergy-free. Dettol has introduced a range of liquid hand-washes in the market to target different consumers. It is available in attractive easy-to-use plastic containers, plastic refill cans and refill packs.

    Dettol Original Liquid Hand Wash:

    Dettol Original Hand Wash.

    Dettol Original Hand wash is perfect for everyday use in homes. It is very effective in hygienically cleaning your kids hand when he/she returns from playground/park and from school. It kills and removes germs and bacteria from your hands leaving then with soft refreshing fragrance. Every drop that comes out of specially designed pump plastic bottle of Dettol liquid hand-wash is hygienically active against disease causing microbes. This hand-wash is economical and affordable for every household.

    Cost : Rs. 154 for 900 ml.

    Dettol Fresh Liquid Hand Wash:

    Dettol resh Liquid Hand Wash.

    Dettol Fresh liquid hand-wash has a special formula which renders freshness to your hands for hours after use. It is effective in killing 99.9% germs along with taking care of softness of your hands. Special lemon fragrance in this hand-wash is mind-blowing. The moisturizing content of Dettol Fresh is very gentle on your skin and does not takes away smoothness of your hands even with more frequent use unlike a soap bar.

    Cost : Rs. 154 for 900 ml.(same as Dettol Original Liquid Hand-wash).

    Dettol Sensitive Hand Wash:

    Dettol Sensitive Hand Wash Refill pack.

    For sensitive skin and allergy prone skin, Dettol Sensitive hand-wash is a perfect hand washing liquid soap available in the market. I personally recommend this hand-wash for the soft skin of kids to keep them germ-free and totally clean. A home with new born baby and toddler requires everyone to wash their hands more frequently whenever they have to look after the child and using Dettol Sensitive for that use is highly recommended to keep the child away from stomach infections, allergies and cough and cold.

    Cost : Rs 35 for 185 ml refill pouch.

    Savlon Liquid Hand Wash:

    Savlon Liquid Hand wash.

    Savlon is a brand name of Johnson & Johnson Company which is number one company in baby care, body care and other consumer goods. Savlon Liquid Hand Wash is a quality product that claims to kill almost all the germs on your hands. The antibacterial ingredients in this hand-wash provide germ killing action where as glycerin cleans your hand.  Refreshing fragrance is the characteristic of this liquid soap which entrails even hours after its use. Along with the perfumed component, moisturizing ingredients makes it soft and easy on hands. Along with pump bottle, refill punches and cans for Savlon liquid hand washes are easily available in the market. It is a quality product for everyday use at home, in schools and colleges, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and offices to effectively kill 99.9% bacteria and germs and make your hands completely clean.

    Cost : Rs. 69 for 250 ml pack.

    Pears Liquid Hand wash:

    Pears is a branded product of Hindustan Unilever Limited which has marked its presence with a bang by it pure and skin friendly products.  Pears is my ‘All-Time’ favorite brand which can be blindly trusted for its products ingredients. Pears liquid hand wash is just an extension of their quality soaps in personal care category. The company has projected two hand washes for consumer use which are as follows:

    Pears Pure and Gentle Hand-Wash:

    Pears Pure & Gentle Hand Wash.

    Pears Pure & Gentle Hand-wash, as the name suggest, is completely pure product in which no extra and strong chemicals are added. It is gentle on our hands and very effective in killing almost all the disease causing germs and bacteria from our hands. It has the typical fragrance of Pears soap which has nothing extra to hide its natural smell. It is most useful and handy for everyday use in a home with active kids. It is specially enriched with natural oils that moisturizes and softens your skin while cleaning it. This product is suitable for oily, dry and combination skin types for both the sexes. This hand wash has Hypo-allergenic properties and thus is very effective for sensitive skin types.

    Cost : Rs. 100 for 237 ml pack.

    Pears Oil Clear Hand Wash:

    Pears Oil Clear Hand Wash.

    For oily skin types, Pears Oil Clear Hand-Wash is the best choice. It contains lemon extracts that effectively removes excess of oil, dirt and grease from your hands making them clean and almost completely germ-free. Its pH balance formula keeps your hands soft to touch and renders freshness to it.  This product is specially formulated for delicate skin.

    Cost : Rs 100 for 237 ml Pack.

    Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash:

    Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash is a brand product of Colgate Palmolive Company, which is a leading name in personal care products around the world. This hand wash has special formula that effectively kills germs and bacteria from your skin and along with that it gently moisturizes your skin for that soft and supple touch. All the products from this leading brand are time tested and clinically proven.

    Main products under the brand name Palmolive hand washes with their cost prices are as follows:

    Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash:

    Palmolive Naturals Hand Wash.

    This hand wash is empowered by the natural ingredients that are anti-bacterial in nature and cleans your hands gently. Its cost price in market is Rs. 60 for 300 ml pack.

    Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Refill pouch is available for Rs 33 for 200 ml.

    Palmolive naturals Milk & Honey Hand-wash:

    Palmolive Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Hand wash.

    Palmolive naturals Milk & Honey Hand-wash is a perfectly pH balanced product that is enriched with milk and honey. The active ingredients in this hand wash keeps your hands perfectly clean by removing excess oil, dirt and germs-free. Cost price of Palmolive Naturals Milk & Honey Hand-wash in the market is Rs 65 for 300 ml pack. 


    In this article I have listed top 5 liquid hand washes that are the ‘best hand washing products’ in my opinion, which are available for an average consumer. I have also gone through a number of public survey and opinion sites to compile this top 5 list, along with taking into account my personal experience with each of the above mentioned products; still costumers are advised to make their own judicious decision.


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